Sunday, October 28, 2007

Do You See? DO YOU SEE?! seriously, RUN and watch the first two installments of South Park's Imaginationland trilogy....for fans of every action/sci-fi/fantasy movie ever made.

"See...terrorists planned and executed an imaginary attack on Imaginationland, and are slowly but surely taking over our imagination, see? Before long, see, our imaginations will start running wild."

Part One

Part Two

Brilliant. Part Three will air next Wednesday. This dude can't wait.

And a tip of the hat no wag of the finger to the lovely folks at Verite Films and Corner Gas for throwing a heck of a good party to 'officially' kick off the Gemini's weekend in Regina. Nice to see Mark McKinney, Gabrielle Miller, and pretty near the entire cast/keys from Intelligence in attendance.

P.S. the pic from Pan's Labyrinth has nothing to do with anything in this just kinda freaks me out.

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