Monday, January 29, 2007

What, Me Entitled?

Because unlike Alfred E. Neuman, worried.

But Henshaw's writing up another storm today...with some very good observations about issues facing not only the Canadian entertainment industry, but the entire tv and entertainment industry. He concludes:

The problems in our business and elsewhere come down to the same thing.

We elect politicians who promise to make our lives better.

They don't.

We buy products from companies who tell us they're reliable.

They aren't.

We make movies for producers who promise to share the profits.

They won't.

And now the growing availability of information and shared experience is revealing just how deep those past deceptions have been. Actors and writers who've been royally screwed on residuals and DVD income for years aren't going to license any new media without a system in place that provides them with a fair share of the profits and accountability for the numbers.

The same new media that is causing this revolution is bridging the gap between artists and their audience, providing new ways to connect without the need for the corporate middle men who now sit between them and control both.

Author Primo Levi once said, "There is only one crime and that is undeserved privilege."

So guys, if you want to stay in charge, it's time to stop feeling entitled and start being part of finding a solution.

Me still worried...but for some reason, Jim laying it out and calling it as he sees it somehow makes it all a little easier to bear.

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