Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Any Trouble Finding The Place?

After reviewing the most common and the most unusual Google searches that ended up at Uninflected Images, I thought I'd relate a few of them.

Most common searches? No, not wcdixon or screenwriting or even Canadian television, but a couple of sitcom-related queries...

1) How's that novel coming along? (Family Guy - Stewie and Brian),
2) the sea was angry that day my friends (Seinfeld - George).

Those two searches have been in the hundreds, I'm not kidding.

There's been fair number of searches for 'Smart Woman's Guide' or 'Heroes' or 'Dexter' or 'Sleeper Cell', and Wii or Wii TV, but my two favs (and these have appeared more than once, that's why they stuck) by far have been:

3) Rick Solomon "well endowed" (again, I kid not...Paris Hilton's ex has people wondering)

and (of course)...

4) Moon Bloodgood "nipple slip" (sorry to disappoint).

I'm sure others have more interesting, or at least more intriguing searches than mine. Please feel free to enlighten and entertain us.

SONG&ARTIST? - "When friends come round
You might remember and be sad
Behind their eyes is unfamiliar
Do you climb into space
To the world where you live
The world where you live..."


Crashdummie said...

Isn't all publicity good publicity?

Who knows, some of the "wrong" readers might stick around?

Btw, Happy New Year Will!

Heart Of Darkness said...

HOW do you do that? I want to do it too!!!! (yeah, I know copycat falling for peerpressure)

Hope you had a nice Christmas and a fab NY07...!

Anonymous said...

I am afraid to even use the name Britny or Lindsay in a satiracal way for fear of 10,000 MySpaceers converging on my blog and bludgeoning it to death

DMc said...

Britney Spears
Paris Hilton
No Panties.

There. You're done for 2007.

Anonymous said...

My #1 remains "Crystal Gale shirt".

Followed by "Tahitian hottie" (sorry to disapoint)

EditThis said...

I saw one person who got to my blog by searching "Denis Leary AND Big N Small y." I have to wonder why it would occur to anyone to search for that...

oneslackmartian said...

sadly, my #1 is

"Martian Luther King"

I think his dream was that "one day little green children and little white children will be able to join hands as sisters and brothers."

EditThis said...

Also, that whole "So, how's that novel coming along" bit in Family Guy is one of the funniest things in the world. We use it at work all the time, as in, "So...how's that scene coming? Got a lot of drama in it, does it? Lots of, um, tension, would you say? A good guy and a bad guy?" Always good for a laugh.

Caroline said...

I think I found both you and Denis through Alex. No googling involved. So you both can blame him ;-)

Bill Cunningham said...

I'm proud to say "discontent" leads people to me - a lot. I am #2 on google.

I am #1 in French google...but we don't talk about that one too much.

Diane Kristine said...

My favourite of today's search terms: "homeopathic cure for a boring person." There's a possibly mean or possibly poignant story behind that, I'm sure.

wcdixon said...

Crowded House - "World Where You Live"