Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wcdixon meets Aggravated Blogger...(Or Alien vs. Predator II?)

This post appeared on another blog yesterday (one I check occasionally mostly to marvel at the absolute volume of stream o' consciousness posts) and boy did my mouth drop open :o imagine something I said (see Gone Fishin'... below) and did on my lil 'ol blogsite could cause such an extreme reaction?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Blog Rage

I just had to unsubscribe from a blog because of blog rage. First, there was this incredibly annoying post. So annoying. The person says he/she (I actually don't know) met Jane one day--or was it Marti Noxon? Isn't that annoying? How can you NOT KNOW??? People are not interchangeable, you fracking moron.

Anyway. Ahem. Calm.

Then every day, a couple times a day, this SAME POST comes up as new again. For a week now!I get a teeny bit annoyed when the same post repeatedly pops up as new anyway, though I realize it's an artifact of editing, whatever, blah blah. But this? This was bad. It was a boring post to begin with, plus the hateful flag-waving "I'm a moron, look at me" part.

So I unsubscribed on bloglines.

THAT oughta show that dope. Chuh! Sheesh. I mean, honestly.

I'm feeling like a dope myself, because I faxed someone my cover letter and resume only I forgot the resume. DUH.
Oh well. I'll just send it again. WITH resume. But it reminds me in a rather glaring way of the posts that reappear on bloglines. Way to make that person so very impressed with your attention to detail and perspicacity, genius!

I feel the need for a good dose of Firefly, somehow. Mal's cranky short-tempered reactions to an exasperating universe. And our beloved Jayne Cobb, being a lunkhead. And wonderful Kaylee. I think Out of Gas is in order. And Objects in Space. In the opposite order, because the end of Out of Gas is the nicest ending ever.Did you ever notice that in Firefly, our heroes always lose? And Buffy always loses somehow? And Veronica Mars always loses? And our heroes on Battlestar Galactica always lose, or barely manage to hang on? What's going on there? Seriously. And how come those are the shows I like so much?

I think I'm about at the end of my job application/job search rope, after fifteen straight hours (my time) or seven hours (Earth time). I'm glad there's an interview tomorrow.

Sheesh with a side of fries.

EDITED TO ADD: Yes, I do have bloglines set so it only shows new posts. Sites where I've read everything don't show up at all. And this one still popped up constantly anyway. It has special annoying buoyancy skills, apparently.

Wow...I'm still reeling. No names/blogs were mentioned so it wasn't a direct attack, but still...

At any rate - here's what I commented:

wcdixon said...

Dear M*****:

I present myself to you as the annoying blogger referred to above and want to apologize for causing you such grief.

But a few comments in my defense...

1) Am relatively new to blog world and had no idea people can subscribe to blogs so new posts 'appear' or whatever they I'm embarrassed, and will try to cease any editing I may do.

2) I've been driven nuts over the past week trying to get links to articles/photo's/blogs to appear as text within post - so have been trying and republishing with little or no luck. But while in 'edit' mode, was tweaking a word here and there - thus post as new post kept appearing I presume.

And as to your remarks...

"First, there was this incredibly annoying post. So annoying. The person says he/she (I actually don't know) met Jane one day--or was it Marti Noxon? Isn't that annoying? How can you NOT KNOW??? People are not interchangeable, you fracking moron."

Uh - read my profile - pretty straightforward...I'm a 'he'.

And as to who I met, I'm pretty sure it was Ms. Noxon but it was like being at greeting line at a stranger's wedding and the intro's were flying fast and was not meant as a slight against either woman or wanting to present them as interchangeable (or irrelevant).

"Then every day, a couple times a day, this SAME POST comes up as new again. For a week now."
A couple of times a day? A big exaggeration unless there was a Blogger subscriber malfunction. Two or three times max.

"This was bad. It was a boring post to begin with, plus the hateful flag-waving "I'm a moron, look at me" part."---

"boring?" - whatever, but what constitutes a entertaining post exactly --- "I'm a moron, look at me?" I'm just relating some stories here - read and comment if you wish, but not sure why that makes me a moron ---

But you lost me on the "hateful flag-waving" part - what was hateful and flag-waving?

If you subscribed in the first place, couldn't have been all bad and boring...

Anyway, sorry about the aggravation - it wasn't on purpose...


Not sure what else to say...are there blogging etiquette lessons out there I need to be taking?

I just hope her subscription cancellation has kicked in or I'll hear about posting this...but then again, bloggers can't be choosers.

SONG & ARTIST? - Heart breaker, soul shaker
I've been told about you
Steamroller, midnight stroller
What they've been saying must be true
Red hot mama
Velvet charmer
Time's come to pay your dues


Heart Of Darkness said...


Well, if it's any consealtion, I still read your blog... yeah, I know, better if I didn't, right? :)

Take care - blog rage or not, I'm a moron myself (Girltalk over latte on this one). In a BAD mood today. Worse yesterday, though.

Gotta remind myself - what I do isn't brain surgery. Errors occur. Live with it.

And, yeah, me loosing my temper causes office rage... :)

Chopped Nuts said...

Heehee... I think you've finally found your niche! Blograge, Canadian style.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

Give 'em hell, Will. Don't take that sh*t from nobody, yo.

I have the same problem with my MySpace blog subscribers. Every time I go back to edit a typo or whatever, my subscribers get an email notice that I've posted a new entry, when, in fact, it's really not. I feel bad but I can't let typos slide. I'm a writer, for god's sake!


Mystery Man said...

Hehehe... That's pretty funny. I edit all the time. I'll have to stop doing that.

Dave said...

Some people are wound too tight. Man, that's rage over something on your blog. What are we talking about here? 5-15 seconds of browsing over to your blog and finding there's no update.

Crack is bad.

There's your proof.

Crashdummie said...

Wax on.. wax off...
Was that annoying enough? ;)

When I was younger I used to lose my temper all the time and always got into trouble since I was infamous for throwing tantrums, but then I learned from my brother - why lose your temper when you can have more fun making others lose their ;)

So just relax Will. We still like you anyway :)

PS. I might not be a moron, but I'm sure a weirdo - and darn proud of it.

Quote of the day:
"Too err is human, but to really screw things up requires a computer... (or a blogg)"


Jutratest said...

The anonymity of the internet fools us into believing we are interacting with peers, but in all truth, some of our fellow commenters may or may not be 12 years old, and still learning where and how to direct their chi. or something like that.

Callaghan said...

Wow, what a huge nerd. And I don't mean nerd in that charming and cool way. I mean in the annoying "Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons" way.

Methinks someone needs to take their blogging a little less seriously.

Personally, I think you were way too nice in your response. I would have left a comment that was oozing with so much condescending sarcasm, it would have dripped.

ps. I'm a bit bummed that I can't place the song lyrics.

The Film Diva said...

I had a drive-by (blog by?) on my blog last fall and my head almost exploded. I'm impressed that you were so kind and gentile....

wcdixon said...

We're talking Nazereth..."Hair of the Dog"...(cowbell) - clank clank clank clank..."Now yer messin' with a..."

Maggie said...

There's a picture on Jane Espenson's blog, if you really want to know how to tell her from Marti Noxon.

Which was the point. Two people I respect and admire so much! Can't even remember which one you met? That was the point.

It's a blog, as many comments pointed out. It just doesn't matter. And I felt it was ridiculous that it bugged me so much at the time, which is why I was making fun of myself for getting upset.

Context, context, context.

I'm so surprised that you even remotely care!

A friend pointed me to this, btw. So rage on.