Monday, July 10, 2006

100% Fun....

...we all know many tv shows will end an episode with a montage set to some pop/rock tune - either popular or obscure....or slam into the closing credits with a cool 'story complimentary' track. So yesterday, I'm rooting around in my old cd boxes and come across 'Girlfriend' by Matthew Sweet.

I hadn't heard it in ages but man, it's a great cd.

And while listening to it, I decided almost any track could be used as one of 'those' cool songs to end an episode. But for which show? How about...

Big Love: either 'Holy War' or 'Divine Intervention' could work...perhaps. Or maybe...

Rescue Me: either 'Nothing Lasts' or Looking at the Sun'...

But that got me thinking that pretty much anything by the Waterboys could work for Leary's show. Which led to thinking about music for other shows:

Entourage: either 'Tumbling Dice' or 'Can't You Hear Me Knocking' by the Rolling Stones

Deadwood: an obscure accoustic/banjo cover of the Counting Crows 'Round Here'

The Soprano's: 'Locked In the Trunk of a Car' by Tragically Hip

And then I wasted a bunch of time trying to paste in those 30 second music samples of these songs that you can get off Amazon or wherever - with absolutely no luck. I do suck at computers.

At any rate, for a while it was fun....100% Fun (one of Matthew Sweet's followup's to 'Girlfriend')

Try it, you might like it.

Disclaimer: I apologize in advance if any of these shows have already used these songs and I just happened to miss it.


DMc said...

hey will,

There's a new anniversary version of Girlfriend coming out with mondo bonus tracks. Sounds sweet.

I just got the same thing with Waterboys Fisherman's Blues.

Rolling Stones, though? Get real. The only show that can afford them is The Sopranos. They've used them Thrice. And not the obvious shit either. Talking Moonlight Mile, brother.


wcdixon said...


Thanks for the Girlfriend heads up - and Waterboys (and World Party) were so good (those cd's came out yesterday as well)...

Now I don't mean to quibble but I thought I was being real to put down some Stones for Entourage since they have closed with them not once but twice...and they went obvious - 'Sympathy for the Devil' at end of episode 20 (as Ari does a u-turn on the PCH and heads north to track down Vince)...
and 'Gimme Shelter' to end Season 2 after Vinnie says he didn't quit Aquaman.

Now whether Soprano's would ever use the Hip falls more into the 'get real' category, in my opinion. But we can all dream.

justacoolcat said...

Great CD.
Whatever happened to Mr. Sweet? Wasn't he supposed to be the next big thing?

Heart Of Darkness said...

Cool list!

And, 'honey', I read your posts from work - if they find out, I'm sacked and therefor unable to read them at all. Allow some room for clerical errors, such as me not grasping the whole concept... besides, remember, I'm a BLONDE! :D

wcdixon said...


Mr. Sweet continues to releases cd's to little fanfare...his most recent being:

Living Things - 2004

Kimi ga suki * Raifu — 2003

Ah the pain and frustration of being called the next big thing and it never materializing...

Hart: no sweat, just kidding around

Callaghan said...

Matthew Sweet also just recently released a covers album along with Susanna Hoffs from the Bangles, called "Under the Covers." It is a collection of 60's pop tunes. I haven't heard it yet, but I've read positive reviews.

"Girlfriend" is an all-time classic. And I was one of the few who really liked "Altered Beast".

In fact, methinks I'll go listen to them right now.