Thursday, July 27, 2006

(Should I Get Some) Satisfaction?

Here'a question for the room. It was just confirmed yesterday that the Rolling Stones will be making a stop here in lil' ol' Buttkick this October.

Now, I saw the Stones down in Boulder, Colorado on their Tattoo You tour in 1981. My fav band at the time. 85,000 people. Heart and George Thorogood were the warmups. Great seats. Amazing experience. October 4th, 1981.

And now, 25 years (holy shit, I can't believe I wrote that) later...

So the question is...should I go? Part of me thinks I have to (and take my oldest daughter or something), but another part of me wants to preserve that special memory of the show in '81. Lest we not forget these guys are in their 60's now...and decent tickets are running anywhere from 300.00 - 550.00 per I am presently sitting on the fence.


SONG & ARTIST? - "I've been waiting in the hall
Been waiting on your call
When the phone rings
It's just some friends of mine that say,
"Hey, what's the matter man?
We're gonna come around at twelve
With some Puerto Rican girls
that are just dyin' to meet you.
We're gonna bring a case of wine
Hey, let's go mess and fool around
You know, like we used to."


Heart Of Darkness said...

25 years later... still going strong!
I say go - the worst thing that can happen is that somebody slips and needs a hip replacement. But that's not on your head! ;)

Anonymous said...

I would recomend you use the money toward a large HD TV, but that is just me.

I used to be indifferent to the Stones, until one day while hitchiking across Alberta (I wouldn't recomend that), I heard Under My Thumb in someone's car, and it just seemed to go so well with the day, and the joy of being picked up. I bought a best of album that weekend.

wcdixon said...

Hart: but there's the out a thousand bucks factor and it's outdoors in October...could be snowing!

Jutra: Liking the sound of the HD tv...hmmmm

Callaghan said...

A worthy question is: Who will be the opening act? Because if it is someone cool, then it makes the ticket price a little easier to stomach. I know that Beck opened for them last time in Toronto, which ALMOST made me buy a ticket.

I've seen the Stones twice, but I regret missing them a few years ago. They pulled out a bunch of older tunes like Stray Cat Blues and Can't You Hear Me Knocking. Looked like a great setlist. But that was a couple of tours ago...I haven't seen any setlist from recent shows. Maybe check the 'net to see what they're playing these days.

Oh, and the mystery song is Miss You, right?

wcdixon said...

Good point mention of who warm up will be yet, but here's the current set list:

Jumpin' Jack Flash
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
Oh No, Not You Again
Let's Spend The Night Together
Tumbling Dice
As Tears Go By
Streets Of Love
Midnight Rambler
Night Time Is The Right Time
Slipping Away
Before They Make Me Run

B Stage
Miss You
Rough Justice
You Got Me Rocking
Honky Tonk Women

Sympathy For The Devil
Start Me Up
Brown Sugar

You Can't Always Get What You Want

It's probably all a mute point now as inside track I had to early bird tix has come and gone...

Callaghan said...

Hmmmmm.....looks like a pretty standard setlist without many surprises. Gotta like them covering Night Time is the Right Time by the genius of soul (Ray Charles), but other than that, nothing jumps out at me.

Not even any Gimme Shelter, let alone any of the tasty "non-hit" tracks from Sticky Fingers, Exile, Beggars Banquet or Let it Bleed.

That being said, even predictable Stones is better than no Stones.

Heart Of Darkness said...

Snow? Just adds to the magic! (and causes more slipping/falling accidents)... :)

Crashdummie said...

4th of october 1981? Dude, I wasn't even born then!

But yeah, rolling stones rocks! Unfourtanatly they cancelled there gig in Sweden - major bummer!

Anonymous said...

they said that there will be a reduction in price this leg of tour, most seats in the $100 range. They have been playing way better than the drunk n stones sped up to 11 1981 tour (I saw them then too and every tour since). Go... you'll love it

wcdixon said...

Quill is a serious 'fan' - I bow I'm still mulling, we shall see.