Friday, May 01, 2009

Put Your Little Hand In Mine...

Friday fun should probably be this latest development in the Canadian TV networks/cable company wars which yesterday saw Jim Shaw offer to buy for a dollar apiece three stations CTV was planning to close, and CTV agreeing to the sale. Gamechanger? Or just dick swinging. Read about all the wacky hi jinks HERE.

Still, it feels like we've got millionaires feuding and playing games with millionaires...again, when our TV industry is in need of a serious fix. How many times do we have to keep making the same mistakes over again, instead of having the insight and courage and energy to make creative and positive changes when we come to these critical times and some ways it's like being trapped in a kind of sad, scary, stupid time loop.

So I'm going to go instead with a clip from the movie that just keeps on giving...Groundhog Day...

Because it makes me smile.

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