Friday, May 15, 2009

Can I Talk To You In The Kitchen For A Sec...?

Two Friday Fun entries. First, Family Guy's riff on working in the story room while creating a TV show is wickedly painfully brutally funny..."Meg...please try to formulate ideas clearly before you vocalize them..." - watch the hilarity HERE.

And filmmaker Kevin Smith writes up for Time Magazine his entertaining tribute to the game of hockey:

This is what NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman doesn't understand. You can't put hockey into every major city in America, because hockey isn't woven into the fabric of the American quilt the way it is woven into the Canadian toque. Canadian billionaire and hockey nut Jim Balsillie knows this — which is why he's making his third attempt to purchase a NHL team... seemingly, against the NHL's wishes.

Balsillie wants to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes — the Artists Formerly Known As The Winnipeg Jets. The cash-strapped Jets left Canada for Arizona over ten years ago — when nobody (with any degree of intelligence whatsoever) could've guessed that people who live in a desert might not dig hockey (especially if their team doesn't win regular season games, let alone Stanley Cups). When the 'Yotes' owner filed for bankruptcy protection last week, Basillie offered a win-win proposition: he buys the club and moves it to the richest and most ardent hockey market in the NHL — Southern Ontartio. There, the team would not only most assuredly pack their arena nightly, but with constant fan support, they might be able to realize the dream of those two words that're music to any League owner's ears.

No, not "Stanley Cup." I'm talking "Financially Viable."

The Artists Formerly Known as the Winnipeg it. Read the entire article HERE.

Because they both made me smile.

H/T Matt MacLennan & Rob MacKinnon

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