Monday, November 24, 2008

Requiem For Lux Aeterna, Puh-leaze...

A stylistic tale of substance abuse and addiction, Requiem For A Dream is a wicked wicked film (I'll cop to borrowing at least a couple of director Darren Aronofsky designed shots for stuff I directed...can you say SnorriCam?). But the picture is probably most memorable for its score, composed by Clint Mansell, and most notably the piece Lux Aeterna aka Requiem For A Tower.

But let's give it a rest people! It's not only been reused in the trailers for The Two Towers, Spider, The Divinci Code, I Am Legend, Sunshine (the list goes on and on)...but in tv shows, video games, and commercials as well! Most recently here in Canada, it's been blasting from the speakers in every movie theatre in town during pre-previews in a Telus ad entitled, not surprisingly, 'Epic'.

Gak. Enough already.

I bought this soundtrack shortly after seeing Arnophsky's masterpiece, and loved listening to it...letting it wash over me... move me...inspire me. But now I can't put it on anymore. Whenever I do, all I see are hobbits and meerkats and Tom Hanks with long hair.

C'mon movie studio trailer producers and commercial advertising houses...compose something original, and let Lux Aeterna die a noble death.


daniel. said...

AGREED. i always figured it had something to do with Lions Gate's acquisition of Artisan?? Maybe not. I don't understand why someone would so willingly give rights to something like that- especially as ALL of Aronofsky's films are so emotional and personal (especially in the case of The Fountain.)

The composer, Clint Mansell, has done all of Aronofsky's films (and had a sweet sweet band called Pop Will Eat Itself on T. Rez's NOTHING label...).

Us fans can bitch about it, but it ain't gonna stop.

I've since heard Mansell's score from The Fountain in the trailer for The Day The Earth Stood Still. At this rate, we'll probably be hearing "Together, We Will Live Forever" atop a scene in Twilight 2.


nils said...

It's funny (actually, infuriating) to watch the trends in trailer music, because they are so blatantly obvious and so obscenely influenced by each other.

I will never forgive the marketing team behind GEARS OF WAR for using Gary Jules' "Mad World" for its trailer.... was it a brilliant move? Hell yes. The song went to #1 on iTunes seven years after DONNIE DARKO, which first introduced the current version of the song, was released. But I get very protective of music... I don't like when mainstream TV shows or movies or trailers make things I have been listening to for years the 'cool new thing.' Call me a media Nazi, but when all my friends all of a sudden have "Mad World" on their iPods, I get a overwhelming feeling of 'I did it before any of you!" I know a few people who feel the same way... and probably about "Mad World" too.

And now? It seems every video game spot on television has a haunting, melancholy piano song in a minor key attached to it. GEARS OF WAR 2 uses the theme from LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE... HALO 3 used Chopin.

It's like THE OC making Phantom Planet the cool thing, or TWILIGHT making Muse the cool thing. I could go on all day.

I see your UGH, and raise you a BLEH.

Your Girl Jimmy said...

Will, so weird that you bring this up...I had this exact conversation with someone last week when I went to see a movie at the galaxy. That Telus commerical, the epic-ness of the meerkats...and I was angry and said the same thing 'can we just lay off the aeterna already?' and the person with me said 'what? the lord of the rings song?' AAACCK! No! When I explained the whole thing I finished by saying (your exact point here Nils) that the same thing happened with Gears of War...and of course they had no idea what I was talking about...and also called it 'that R.E.M gears of war song'. (tear). I'm also really tired of this happening. A couple years ago I saw a trailer that used Elfman's Edward Scissorhand's main song (I think it's called ice dance)..either way really obnoxious because regardless of how epic, or fantastic, or whatever the music is, it is that way because of the film that it was attached too in the first place. The memory of the two attached is the reason why the song illicit's such strong emotions.

Shelley said...

all i can say is:

Rich Baldwin said...

Hmm . . . and I'd just thought there was some sort of Lux Aeterna Content Regulation out there . . ..