Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good Role Models

Saw Role Models a couple nights ago with the teenage daughter, and even though I experienced slight discomfort when boobies were flashed on screen (is there ever a time when watching sex and nudity in movies with your children isn't awkward?), we both enjoyed it immensely. Paul Rudd is snide but sweet, Seann William Scott is simple but solid, and the supporting cast delivers big time. Lowbrow funny but with lots of heart, it's got a kind of 'School of Rock' meets 'Clerks II' feel. Even though this trailer makes it seem like a PG Disney flick, this R-rated trailer tells it like it is.

Speaking of telling it like it is, the two Bill's (Martell and Cunningham) are both crawling from the AFM wreckage with reports of their adventures.

I've only attended the American Film Market a couple times...and as icky as it can be (the fringe-dwellers all converge), I had a blast each time. So many time to tell. Martell seems like his plate was full and just in and out of the Loews (though he relates a great post here), but Cunningham was a busy boy and lists a bunch of responses and thus tips for the wannabe producers and filmmakers that attend such trade fair events. So many of these made me laugh out loud:

Producers: (title given with tongue firmly wedged in cheek) ...

- Deodorant is not an option.
- No, you don't look hip and cool in that t-shirt. Or that ice cream suit with lime shirt. Or that hat. Or that spandex that says"Camel Toes R Us."
- Honey, put your plastic boobs back in the bra. I ain't buying your movie.
- Get a haircut. After you first wash that greasy mop. And shave while you're at it.
- I don't care if they were on "One Tree Hill" (in the background) they are NOT a star.
- Relax. Just tell me what your movie is about -not its "themes, motifs or breath-taking locations." Your story is what hooks me. Nothing else.
- Yes, your key art is ugly.
- Everyone has a project. No one has a script, a budget, or a cast. No one has done their homework.
- No, I don't like your title (Somebody said their werewolf picture was called FOUR DAYS -- for the 4 days a month of a full moon. When I pointed out that there was only one true full moon per month and two 98% moons (one before and one after) he said nothing and walked away).
- Japan makes (and sells) a lot of movies that will never get any play here in the states. No judgments made with that statement just the facts.
- More and more people are shooting HD. It is not a selling point. I mean really - who cares? It's great for technically-minded folks, but not for sales people.
- No, I will not give you free advice on how to fix your poster after you've seen our portfolio, and know that we deliver.
- I said "no." You can leave now.

Funny cuz he's right, but all good advice. Thanks Bill(s). Nice role modeling.


Juniper said...

In need of a little Friday fun! Please.

Cunningham said...

Thanks, man.

But trust me, I'm no role model. Just a guy who can't shut up when he sees idiocy. Especially in his own work.