Thursday, December 06, 2007

What Is....Pigs On The Wing?

Kill some time and test your pop/rock music knowledge with the on-line Almost Impossible Rock & Roll Quiz from Rolling Stone magazine HERE.

Fav question?

Q: After Pink Floyd split, Roger Waters maintained the rights to Algie, the band's giant inflatable pig. What did David Gilmour do to avoid paying royalties (when he toured)?

A: He altered the pig by attaching a pair of testicles.

Gotta love it...the music buisness.

I scored 39 out of 58. Not bad, and it's pretty tough. Can you do better?

(but no cheating)


Good Dog said...

Blimey, I got a 33, which I'm shocked by. I thought it would be much lower.

Callaghan said...

I scored a 36.

But I still say I got hosed on the Sly and the Family Stone question.

Great find, by the way Will.