Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Older Yes...But The Song Remains The Same

"Does anybody remember laughter?"

First 'concert' movie I ever went to was The Song Remains The Same. Transfixed and enthralled is what I remember being and feeling. Regrettably I never saw the band in person.

Oh to be in London last night and experience the magic that was Led Zeppelin live again.


jimhenshaw said...

I hate to break this to you, Dix, but I saw Zep at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1971. I was coming off a week of 16 hour days and fell asleep about a half hour in.

I know this will sound incredibly stupid, not to mention impolite -- but the buddies I was with insisted I was the lucky one.

They were awesomely repetitive and boring (Jimmy Paige especially) and had no stage presence whatsoever.

Like you, I was blown away by "The Song Remains the Same" and have never been able to reconcile that band with the one I saw live.

Magic of the movies or my own condition -- not sure. But God knows, I saw far less famous artists while in far worse condition and managed to rock through those gigs.

wcdixon said...

You were probably just exhausted Jimmy...half asleep and thought the back up band was Zep.

I will not accept the truth!