Friday, December 14, 2007

Bloggery Drudgery

You don't have to say it, yes, the blog has been sluggish of late.

And not really drudgery as much as a little distracted by life and getting ready for Xmas season - plus swept up with new job start up, finishing teaching screenwriting class, and still not watching much new TV or movies in support of the WGA strike (though I did break down and marathon watch Season 3 DVD set of Veronica Mars...not quite as good as Season 1 but still well worth watching - Rob Thomas is the new king of 'What is it? what is it really?').

And had a roughed out post about 'Why I Like Life', as in Life the TV show, but John Rogers just stole that headline.

Have a few more loooonnng directing TV posts in rough draft, and interested to see some of the new CBC shows, not to mention what Canuck nets will do in lieu of new U.S. programming...

So don't disappear...posts may be short and sweet for the next bit, but I'll be back.

It's Friday. Take us home, Spongebob.

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