Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Not To Mention The Deal With Rusty And Jerome...

Point to Ponder

Why is it, old people, that so much of what we remember from youth as comforting is now, in hindsight, somewhat disturbing?

For instance:


Via Stubbleblogger and friend of the blog, Ron Petrie.

I'm going to add:

"Okay kids, go find your parent's hand saw and we'll..."

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Anonymous said...

Interesting combo.

Mr Dressup was my first favorite show. I loved that show before I understood the concept of time, so it always came as a complete shock when he told Casey it was time to say goodbye to our friends, and I always balled my eyes out (manly tears, even then).

As for the Friendly Giant, it was the pill I had to swallow while waiting for Mr Dressup to come on.