Saturday, August 11, 2007

Crawling From The Wreckage...

...of the last post.


Whether it was the heat or loading all those TV title sequences or hard drive gremlins but the number of times my computers (yes, that's plural) froze up or crashed or lost material trying to finish it almost put me off blogging for good.


So to clarify (if anyone cares)...I'm not really advocating a return to Voiceover intros - I was trying to be a little sarcastic while letting a little nostalgia for days gone by wash over me. Plus was so happy to hit publish and walk away that I didn't really take the time to revise or refine. But I'll still stand by the notion that a good title and title sequence (whatever form it takes) are a crucial factor in drawing in a viewer and keeping them hooked. A friend reminded me of the excitement that was attached to 'hearing' the opening theme to a fav show and running for the living room to plop down and watch it. Those days seem behind us for sure. Most sequences today are shorter, snappier, or even's cut to the chase time. Plus next to none appear right at the beginning of the show anymore.

As for demise of Voiceover title sequences, I thought Good Dog made a very valid point in stating that intros needed to be more 'on the nose' and explanatory way back when because there wasn't the plethora of 'entertainment' news and magazines we have now that constantly remind us of shows and who's in them and what they are about. And Cunningham makes a nice catch in defining the preamble that introduces most genre shows as 'the Saga sell'.

At any rate, for the record I thought I should state my top one hour drama title sequences - The Sopranos, Miami Vice, Northern Exposure, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Quincy MD, Six Feet Under, and of course, Rockford Files.

Now you know. Moving on.


Callaghan said...

Rescue Me, Deadwood, Sopranos, Buffy and Angel, Magnum PI, Simon and Simon and of course, Rockford Files.

Kid Sis said...

X-files, Xena, Knight Rider.