Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm A Loser Baby... why don't you kill me?

Ah, Beck. I'm singing your tune.

The short version is I left my laptop behind the drivers seat of my car as I dashed into the grocery for hamburger buns, juice, and soy milk. I was...maybe 5 minutes max. No, I didn't lock the doors. Yes, I'm a twit. No, I didn't think twice about leaving my 'life' in an unopened car.

Yes, it was gone when I returned.

The long version included driving around frantically looking for someone suspicious running with a black leather computer bag, hungry kids waiting patiently for supper, searching nearby dumpsters with false hope someone might've tossed it, phoning Dell for the serial number, filling out police reports, making insurance queries, and getting a pounding headache.

Yes that's all I want to say about the long version.

No I didn't find it.

Yes I'm pissed. At myself mostly, but I'm still pissed at all the rest of it.

What differentiates people that steal from people that don't? What makes some people tough it out trying to support themselves and earn what they want, while others feel they can just take it? How big a balls does one have to have to nick a computer from a car in a crowded parking lot at five in the afternoon? How little does one have to care whether they get caught?

And I'm not just talking about petty crimes, because that mentality must extend up to those who steal from clients or investors...or steal children...or steal lives.


I know I've been pretty lucky. This is only the second time I've reported anything stolen (that was a whack of cd's from another car...and then there was a bike, but I didn't report it), but I find it pretty ironic that I've lived in Toronto, Vancouver, and L.A. and yet have only ever had anything stolen here in little ol' Buttkick.

And other than all my emails and some work done over the past couple weeks, I was lucky enough to have been given a USB Data Traveler Storage device a month or so ago and had transferred everything important over onto it. sucks.


Callaghan said...

That. Sucks. Large.

Not much else to say.

DMc said...


sorry man.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

Well, the good news is, the really important information has been saved to your USB storage device, and all the thief got was a computer with non-essential information, emails etc.

I was not so lucky when my accountant's office was broken into a few weeks back. The thief stole most of the computers, and on those hard drives were my name, contact info, Social Insurance Number, date of birth, gross income, net worth, bank account & credit card name it, they got it.

If this thief wanted to, he could totally fuck me hard for years to come.


Jutratest said...

Check a Starbucks. Perhaps it was a poor but streetsmart budding screenwriter who took it, with a dream to turn his experiences with the Saskatchewan underworld into a feature film like City of God.

Maybe check a coffee time.

wcdixon said...

I can chuckle now, Jutra