Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Life's A Beach... thinks, as I stand on one leg with laptop above head and typing with one hand --- nicking an unsecured wifi signal from someone named 'Dwight', but it's weak and thus the internets are moving at dialup speed (this after driving up and down the dirt roads in front of the cabins searching for a signal...any signal). Still, that's okay. Every now and then it's good to head some place where wireless internet is a rare commodity, and cable tv is defined as the cable that runs from your antenae to the back of the cabinet-style television and all you can pick up only 2 or 3 local channels. You watch what's on, or nothing at all. And if you can't read the internets, for a few days anyway your head stops feeling like it might explode from the ramafications of the latest CRTC decision.

So, in the meantime, yay to Denis for doing the heavy lifting with this analysis of the recent CRTC recommendations for the CTF, and this wonderful overview of the script note-giving (and taking) process.

And yay for some time off and fun with the kids...

And yay for all the Moon Bloodgood wannabe' the beach.

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