Monday, January 07, 2008

Turn It Up

So The Daily Show and Colbert Report return to the airwaves tonight...without writers.


Not sure what to make of that but will still tune in to see what my current late night comedy heroes have to say.

And in lieu of a real post, we've all seen memes and threads about your fave music to write to or work to...but what's the song when you hear in the car that you have to turn up LOUD, or if at home, dance madly around the office?

A song that lights you up.

Not that I love the cocaine...just the groove. (in case anyone was wondering)


Callaghan said...

I've said it too many times....I think we share the same music collection.

Wicked tune. And produced by Steve Jones, which brings me to one of my choices: Sex Pistols "Pretty Vacant".

Plus the Stooges "Search and Destroy" and Screaming Trees "Nearly Lost You". Just off the top of my head.

wcdixon said...

Even though readers/comments have fallen off the charts here of late, I can always count on something from the Callaghan on the music posts.

Excellent choices - and now need to dig out the Screaming Trees...yes!

Christina said...

I've gotten into funk lately, which I'm finding out isn't the best music for writing because it makes me want to stand up. The worst (i.e., best) song is Maceo Parker's version of "Pass the Peas." I have to play it loud!

wcdixon said...

oooo 'Pass The Peas'...with Prince...very loud.

Tavis said...

What's wrong with loving the cocaine? ;)

I remember working at a record store (Zia, in Phoenix) when that song came out. There was one guy who worked there, and he would blare that song every night while we were closing. A good way to end the late shift.

I always thought Buck Cherry was a spoonerism of Chuck Berry, but it turns out it was just the name of some transvestite that would bum cigarettes from the band.

Kelly J. Crawford said...

"Mamma" by Genesis.

That song just gets under my skin like no other song has before or since. When I listen to it in the car or at home, I replay it over and over and over at near full blast...38 times in a row once, last summer.

Genesis rules, baby!

KJC (who's headed for the CD player to listen to it again)