Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Obsolete Says What?

Next Monday afternoon the CRTC will release a TV Policy report including decisions on a group-based licensing approach to conventional television and on fee-for-carriage or value-for-signal. I'm hearing whispers that a 'skinny basic' cable package of local/Canadian TV channels will be created or recommended but channels won't be considered *must carry* anymore so negotiation of value for signal will need to take place between cable providers and TV networks...but who really knows for sure - we'll just have to wait and see.

But while you're waiting and seeing I suggest you go and watch The Great Debate panel that took place in Ottawa in February at Prime Time 2010. The topic was: Be it Resolved that Broadcasting and Distribution Regulations are Obsolete In an age of seismic shifts in content creation and consumption, what will be the role of the CRTC and of regulation in five or ten years time?

Find the video for the first part HERE at The CFTPA Channel. Actually, just start with PART 2...that's where it really gets going.

With 8 parts it's a long haul, but well worth your time.

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