Monday, March 01, 2010

Dan For Mayor Has Hiccups (No, Not Really)

I joked last week that CTV's ads during the Olympics for a new episode of Corner Gas entitled "Dan The Mayor Has Hiccups" or something like that looked pretty good...I hope my friends and colleagues who work on the two shows knew I was just kidding....guys? Guys? Bueller?

Yes there are two shows, two new half hour comedy shows, that premiere back to back tonight on the CTV network. First up, from the very funny mind of Brent Butt, is Hiccups starring Nancy Robertson. Second up, from the very funny minds of Mark Farrell and Paul Mather and Kevin White, is Dan For Mayor starring Fred Ewanuick.

Unfortunately, I'm not on any 'screener lists' so am unable to offer up a review or even a preview, but I do wish the two shows the best and strongly encourage everyone to check them out. I mean, they can't be any worse than The Marriage Ref which got 14.5 million people for its premiere last night, can they? Can they? Bueller?

And if you want to try to live chat with the stars of the two above programs, you can find out how to do so HERE.

Also, 18 To Life returns with a new episode tonight on CBC TV, co-written by another Corner Gas alumnus Rob Sheridan.

And finally, some of today's must read posts about Canadian TVland: Jim Henshaw snarks in a good way about Telefilm's recent 'actor issues' HERE; and Denis McGrath posits HERE that last night's Winter Olympics closing ceremony was a game changer of sorts for the neverending Canadian identity crisis.



jimhenshaw said...

Snarks "in a good way"??? I'll never understand the way you young folks talk these days.

And you know, we should check out that live chat thing and try doing it here or over at my place.

That'd be fun!

wcdixon said...

As long as you'll let me spend some time in your hot tub Jim, I'll come.

DMc said...


That's so gay!

(And since we live in Canada, that's a totally non judgemental good thing!)