Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spackled And Twittered

Apologies for the bloggy silence, but tentatively dipped toe into Twitterland last week and am still feeling somewhat smacked up side the head by the sheer volume of information available out there in the form of 'tweets'. Holy Jesus in, I have three posts near completion, but seem unable to finish because of an overwhelming 'it's already been said or nobody will really care anyway' sensation.

Then factor in the reality that our TV industry appears to be heading toward one big ugly meltdown this fall - go read Denis HERE and get yourself up to speed on the latest nonsense spewed forth by the unholy trifecta of the CRTC, the Canadian BDU's, and our TV networks...all of whom seem out to SCREW each other these days even though they all so desperately NEED each other.

And reading the latest info up at CTV's Save Local TV site didn't help. I especially enjoyed the Fact Check 'Straight Goods on Local TV' section, which implies that simsubbing only occurs during major events like the Super Bowl, as opposed to occurring every single time there's a simulcast:

"Simultaneous Substitution" is only beneficial to broadcasters

"Simultaneous Substitution" is a practice that sees a Canadian broadcaster's signal and advertising substituted over a U.S. signal carrying identical programming. It is used during major events like the Super Bowl. The claim has been made that simultaneous substitution is a benefit to broadcasters. In actual fact, it is only necessary because Shaw and other cable and satellite providers have been given the unprecedented ability to import U.S. signals. No other country in the western world allows their broadcast distributors to do this.

Spin is such an amazing thing, isn't it.


Hopefully this feeling of helplessness and hopelessness will pass soon, but I wouldn't count on it.

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