Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Not That Hard, Michelle

Two fun trailers here for your viewing enjoyment: "The Office - A XXX Parody", and the just released "30 Rock - A XXX Parody". Yes that's right...porn movies riffing off of popular sitcoms, kewl. However I'm somewhat saddened to see New Sensations doing away with the porn movie staple of changing the title of a mainstream movie they are 'paying homage to' but doing some double entendre action with the new title (see: Forrest Hump, Flesh Dance, On Golden Blonde, etc.). The tendency these days seems to be keep it simple stupid, like using 'Not' and 'This Ain't'. As in 'Not Three's Company' or This Ain't Happy Days'. But still, c'mon..."30 Rock Hard" or "The Orafice" anyone?

The 30 Rock XXX trailer is Safe For Work, so to speak, and kinda fun. The guy doing Tracy Morgan (erm, not 'doing'...impersonating) is pretty funny...not to mention the star of Nailin' Palin pulls off a very respectable albeit very enhanced Tina Fey/Liz Lemon. I want to go to there.

The Office XXX trailer is a little less SFW, though there's no hardcore imagery - it's more just for language. Actually it's pretty tame. It misses the mark somewhat by making Michael 'Michelle', but the faux documentary camera work is spot on and they have some fun with the 'That's what she said...' routine.

I do wonder if spoofs of what are essentially spoof TV shows can be that entertaining...oh wait, there's the porn. Duh. But I'm also curious whether they are half hour stories, like the TV series (or perhaps 3 episodes strung together to make up the requisite 90 minutes needed for a feature release), as opposed to just a straight feature length story. (Oops, just looked up and 30 Rock - A XXX Parody clocks in at 157 minutes...what's that, like a whole season!)

Who knows...maybe the guy playing Jack Donaghy gets to recreate the classic "tomorrow I'm gonna be in an intense six-hour foursome with three other men" line...though if that was the case, I'd probably give it a pass. Probably.


DMc said...

Oh my god.

It's funny because it's still better than most Canadian TV.

If there was a Canadian pornographer with any sense, they'd break into the padlocked sets while they were on hiatus and do "FUCKPOINT."



I hate myself.

J.Rai said...

Being in Erica?

Cockey Night in Canada?

Fred Penetrator's Place?

OK that's enough.

wcdixon said...


"Boning Erica"?

"Lass That Grind"?


I would actually consider it a badge of honour to have my show get porned, as it were.

northtwilight said...

"So You Think You Can Screw, Canada?"

"Wild Hoses"

Apparently there is an X-Files parody that Fox just nixed this morning.

Brandon Laraby said...

Tho' they could also reach back into the past, find old properties to remake...

The Biggestest Hobo

The Indecent Twins

Sharon, Lois and Real Doll

DMc said...

Ewwwww HOBO?


Juniper said...

back to the past:

Cumming up Rosie

Kinky of Kensington

Polka cock door

Let's Go! Hard!

Scariest Positions