Friday, July 24, 2009

Then Why Is He So Upset?

The clip below begins at almost the exact point when I first encountered The Larry Sanders Show. It was the mid-nineties and I'd never actually seen any of the comedy series up here in Canada, but was 'flipping' around late night and came across it on the CBC. I thought I'd found a new talk, was I wrong.

(unfortunately the clip cuts off the killer punchline...
Norm MacDonald: Hey... have you seen Hank's tape? Man, it's unbelievable. The guy's got a huge c*ck on him.
Henry Winkler: [pause] Then why is he so upset?)

I remember sitting straight up in bed when the camera went behind the scenes and Norm MacDonald starts talking to Larry about the size of Hank's 'equipment', and thinking...what just happened? What the heck am I watching? But keep watching...boy, did I ever. I mean, Larry, Hank, Artie, Paula, Beverly, Phil, Darlene, Brian...c'mon, who could resist?

Nothing beats that moment when you feel like you 'discover' something...something special...something genius. That night was one of those nights. And it was a Friday night, and therefore qualifies as Friday Fun.

Because it makes me smile.


Good Dog said...

We were lucky over here because the BBC bought Seinfeld and The Larry Sanders Show as a package from Columbia TriStar and put them on late night as a double bill.

Just the best.

Corey said...

Larry Sanders was one of those religious experiences when you realize there is some "greater" out there. My eyes were open to an entire new way of experiencing television, and I never looked back.