Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How To Grow A Movie

Making a film or television show is such a monster like, really have to have to fall in love with your story or your subject matter in order to survive the years of toil it will take to actually get it made.

I recently fell hard for the Punch Brothers band and vocalist/mandolinist extraordinaire Chris Thile. And I decided I was going to look into making a documentary about this remarkable band and the ground-breaking music they are creating.

Too late. Someone was already on it.

Oh well.

Discouraging yes, but How To Grow A Band looks exactly like the movie I would've wanted to make...check out the trailer HERE...and I enjoyed experiencing the buzz and excitement again one feels when they're onto something they really want to see get made.

It's rarely we make movies or TV in Canada for the fame or the's gotta be for love.

Note to self: Feel the love...then make the show.

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