Sunday, March 30, 2008

What The Puck? (We're Talking Hockey Here, People)

As March rolls into April, it means spring is just around the corner of course, but it also means the marathon that is the NHL playoffs are about to begin once more (sans the Leafs...again...argh).

For the past 20 years or so (yikes...has it been that long?), I went about organizing a hockey playoff pool as many TV industry writers, directors, and producers (though there's been some actors, production designers, and 1st AD's in as well) I could get into a room or around a phone for a conference call. It was never a large group, but t'was always fun and made the long road to the Stanley Cup more exciting to follow.

Then there came what I'm calling the recent 'dead zone years' where there was no pool for a variety of reasons...primarily stemming from being in LA where no one cared about hockey, and my general malaise about most things social.

But last year Henshaw convinced me to get back on the horse and we put together the 1st Annual Infamous Writers and Bloggers Hockey Pool. Around 15 people signed up (no entry fee...just for fun), and it actually went right down to the last game with Mark Askwith managing to barely overtake long-time point leader yet hockey novice Bill 'the Mad Pulp Bastard' Cunningham (still shaking head about that Bill...ouch).

Anyway, it helped make spring fun...even if you aren't a hockey fan. Seriously.

Jim at Legion of Decency will be doing the official post announcing the pool next week, but start thinking about what teams you will be pulling for...what players will be big point getters....and let's see if we can get a lot more people/bloggers involved.

Jim even has some cool prizes lined up....wheeee

Game on!

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Anonymous said...

Bring it on. I'm adopting a new strategy this year.