Thursday, January 03, 2008

Way To Go Dave!

The late night talk shows returned in full force last new HD PVR got a serious workout. Some programs had their writers (thanks to Letterman's company Worldwide Pants), other shows, not so much.

Letterman (with a beard!) led the charge with a no holds barred but still business-as-usual program, followed up by Craig Ferguson's all-WGA all-written no guest-fest. At the same time on different networks, shows without their staff writers also hit the airwaves. The Tonight Show with Leno seemed 'same as it ever was' (not sure if that's a good thing or a scary thing)...Jimmy Kimmel used restraint and stayed at his desk - kudos...and Conan O'Brien just kinda...erm, sucked. Not sure if it was on purpose to make a statement, or if O'Brien really really needs his writers. I'm choosing to believe the former for now.

Nikki Finke has the full story HERE.

Still, a big tip of the hat to David Letterman and his company for negotiating an interim contract with the only takes one to stand up to the man before others will start to follow suit.

Way to go Dave!


Juniper said...

I wonder if Dave is making a statement with the beard. You know, "I'm not shaving until the strike is settled...."

Anyone know?


CAROLINE said...

I thought Leno did credibly well, all things considered. And was very gracious. Agree about the others.