Thursday, January 31, 2008

He Sold Sanctuary

Tip of the hat to old pal Damian Kindler for the sale of his hi-def supernatural/sci-fi series Sanctuary to the SCI-FI Channel, and the order for a 13 episode season.

More details on the deal HERE.

And interview with Damian back when it all began to hit the internets HERE.

Congrats all round, but the sale raises some interesting questions. The series was originally designed to be web-based and fan/pay-per-webisode driven, but the two hours worth of material produced and streamed thus far look more to have served as some form of back door pilot.

Will try to find out more from the Kindler as to how it will proceed now, but wonder if the series has gone from an innovative groundbreaking Web venture to just another cable TV show. And how will the fans that subscribed to and supported the venture thus far react?
Well sold?

Or sell out?


morjana said...

Hi, Will.

I enjoyed watching the series on the internet very much. But I remember that TPTB clearly stated that they had plans for the series to migrate to TV from the beginning, so I'm very happy that this plan came to fruition.

Plus -- more of Amanda Tapping on TV!


Thank you for blog -- also enjoyable reading.

Best wishes, Morjana

Cunningham said...

Well, if we are to believe Jeff Zucker then this model - indie financed pilot or series developed on the web - then "licensed" for broadcast is the way Television should have gone for awhile.

Or is that go back to for awhile?

I don't consider it a sell out and as you know I'm one of the heaviest proponents for original web content...wait a second, did I just do a fat joke on myself?

Anyway, I'm all for creators getting work produced and not having to sell off everything to "the man" in order to do it.

Juniper said...

... it seems that rather than selling out, they've found a way (albeit risky and pricey way) of pitching their show to the networks. Sanctuary has shown itself to appeal to and ability to captivate an audience.

So this means that now it's on free t.v. Oh wait, their ain't no such thing as free t.v.

Nice title too :)


Kelly J. Compeau said...

Damn...damn! I shudda used that title for my blog entry about the sale to Sci-Fi. Perfect, Will. A "Cult" classic.