Friday, June 09, 2006

Banff Bound...

...decided only recently to wind my way over to the mountains and attend the Banff World Television Festival for the upteenth time. The fest used to be a crucial stop for not only pitching /developing a tv show, but even for closing the deal. Lately, however - decisions are being made at different times of the year...Banff's still a good place to connect or reconnect or pitch, but its just not quite what it was.

Figured what the heck, but going on the cheap - driving in and set up all meetings over in the Rundle lounge at the Banff Springs hotel (across street from convention center) - can't really justify the 800.00 x 3 days festival pass.... not with eldest starting to go to college.

Teamed up with an old producing partner and armed with some tv project pitches - a couple I'm quite keen on, but have learned from past that its either the one you don't really care about... or the one you just threw together at last minute that gets picked up for development (happened last year)....
...and meanwhile the baby you've sweated blood over for months to get just right generally gets met with "nice, but we already have something like that..." OR "interesting, can we see the bible and pilot script?" Argggghh - I wanted you to pay me to write that bible and pilot! Ah well, what can you do. Try try try again. And so I am.

SONG & ARTIST? - "Well he's tellin' us this, and he's tellin' us that
Changes it ev'ry day
Says it doesn't matter
Bases are loaded, and Casey's at bat
Playin' it play by play
Time to change the batter."


Kelly J. Compeau said...

Good luck and have fun, Will. May the Force be with you.

wcdixon said...

thanks KJ...

Callaghan said...

Rocky Mountain Way by Joe Walsh. Also covered by Triumph. And my high school rock band.

Good luck in Banff!

wcdixon said...

thanks Cal - here's hoping...and correct on all fronts on the tune

Heart Of Darkness said...

Well, you tagged me, and I honor the blogger traditions... so should you! :)


Heart Of Darkness said...

I've been talking to the man in the moon, and he would tell me what's been missing... or something like that. Name that song, please! It's bugging me completely pink!


wcdixon said...


Don't be pink no more. The band is Stone Pavement - cd "Caribbean Dreams" - title: Man In The Moon"...see below...

Man in the Moon
From the album "Caribbean Dreams"
Copyright 1998

it seems sleep will never come
so i talk to the man in the moon
but he doesn't respond
my heart hovers among the stars
excluded from the constellation cliques
nameless faceless in the billions
my life flickers and i cry
but the man in the moon doesn't hear
the cold of this night seeps deep into my soul
so i seek warmth in orions belt
but sirius chases me away
and the big dipper pours out its wrath
as i fall toward the black hole
my cry pierces the stillness
but the man in the moon doesn't hear
as i dangle here in despair
ignored by the man in the moon
my plea reaches a solitary ear
but the Man on the Cross hears my cry
and the Man on the Cross understands
waking up from this wretched dream world
still no comfort is found
i lay in the cold stillness
hoping to become numb to this feeling
but the loneliness of a winters night
has descended upon my soul
i open my window and call out
to the blank stare of the man in the moon