Friday, June 04, 2010

Food For Thought

Watch this video (yes it's a Hellmann's ad, but stick with me's worth it) and every time you hear the words fruits or vegetables or produce, try replacing with the words 'American films' or 'American TV shows'.

And then think about our anemic English language feature film biz and woefully small scripted TV show output when they talk about us in Canada losing our ability to produce the foods we eat.

"Are cheap imports really worth it?"

Kinda makes you think, don't it.

Choose Canadian. But you have to look for it. You have to ask for it. You have to want it, and start filling your bag with it.

H/T Stephen Hall


deborah Nathan said...

Beautiful commercial. Probably had a budget much greater than a typical Canadian feature.

jimhenshaw said...

When I lived in Australia, every store had what they called a "Green Book" at the cash register.

It listed which products were "Made in Australia" and it wasn't at all unusual to see somebody reference the book before making a purchase.

It wouldn't be hard for us to do the same thing here.

I wonder which imported shows will be featuring this commercial and how many in the audience will register the same connection you made.

Maybe we should help them by posting reminders whenever a network promotes any Canadian product and especially political or government messages during the broadcast of an imported show...

Great post!

jimhenshaw said...

And maybe we should send reminders to our elected representatives every time they buy commercial space on an imported TV series that they are supporting the loss of Canadian jobs.

If the only place networks could run government sponsored ads was on a Cancon show, there would suddenly be a hell of a lot more Canadian shows.

Anonymous said...

If the only place networks could run government sponsored ads was on a Cancon show, there would suddenly be a hell of a lot more Canadian shows.

I REALLY like this idea. I think I'll write a letter to my MP.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much of those foreign fruit and vegetable stats are actually related to our - limited - growing season.

I support local growers whenever possible, but for a good part of the year, it isn't possible. Unless we build some massive greenhouses near all our communities, and even then...

I go every week to our local farmer's market, and, for at least part of the year, the stuff we buy is local. But in the dead of winter, nobody's kidding anybody about where that red pepper came from.

Point taken about Canadian TV and film though. Just recently I faced a carbon footprint issue about The Trotsky. I wanted to see it, but the nearest theatre showing it was 155km away. I'd like to Watch Local, but where I'm at, there isn't any.

We do have a good theatre festival here though. Now if only we could get some more Canadian plays into the schedule...

Rixx said...

GREAT post, Will -- and inspiring comments from all.

Remember when Global held back airing their CanCon (accent on the CON) when they found out they could include commercials promoting Canadian shows counted as Canadian Content!? That's the only time I recall seeing any real promotion for Canadian series. I hope that loophole has been closed before they start any inspiring advertising.