Friday, April 09, 2010

My Name Was Earl Dammit!

This was creepy. (Nike keeps taking ad down from Youtube...weird)

This is funny.

Because it makes me smile (but not smile too much, cuz the initial Nike ad was still really creepy).


jimhenshaw said...

What's particularly telling about this campaign is how quickly Nike is going after the mash-ups, pulling them off Youtube almost as fast as they go up.

Despite how creepy and utterly immoral the ad is, it's clear they thought it was very ballsy to go right into the teeth of the scandal.

Only now, it's clear they don't have the nuts to deal with the reaction.

伊翊彬彬芷蘭 said...

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wcdixon said...

Weird. Nike took down the original commercial above...but the Morgan Freeman parody mashup still lives.