Monday, December 21, 2009

Like Screwing Up Mashed Potatoes

I watched this last week and found it immensely entertaining. But then I watched it again today and decided it really is worth sharing. A review of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - a loonnnnng review...but stick with it. It's very funny and kinda surreal yet perceptive and educational even - it should be required viewing for every Film School student.

Part One is here:

Parts 2 - 7 can be found in the related videos to the above clip. Enjoy.

H/T Trevor Cunningham

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Good Dog said...

I watched it over the weekend. Although it's long, the review goes along at a fair clip and is far more entertaining that what I've seen of The Phantom Menace - never having sat through the film in its entirety.

The post-screening footage where everyone looks absolutely shellshocked is hilarious. McCallum is probably thinking, "I went from producing Dennis Potter dramas to this?"

You're right that it should be required viewing for film students. It should be required viewing for some dumbass directors too, like... James Cameron. Overloading the screen with busy visuals doesn't help when the script is utter tommyrot.

Did the girl get out of the basement?