Saturday, August 12, 2006

Saigon...Sh*t....I'm Still Only In Saigon

Well, after numerous conference calls and a whack of research and untold revisions of pitch documents and proposals, the tv project that looked so promising for a fast track after the Banff festival still sits on some high up decision makers desk --- waiting for a green light...or a pass.

And to further complicate matters (or make one crazy mental) - was recently informed by network that another project almost identical to ours had managed to get in the door and onto same decision makers desk, and was being given equal consideration...even though it arrived long after ours first got presented.

Sometimes this business can make you feel like a snail, crawling along the edge of a straight razor...

SONG & ARTIST? - "Well, say that you'll be true,
Well, say that you'll be true,
Well, say that you'll be true,
and never leave me blue... "


The Film Diva said...

Sounds like you need to get cracking on something else...a novel, maybe? I started mine out of desperation after my agent (who is now at a Big Three agency, so I hate him even more) wasn't able to get me more than a handful of meetings, and then left the agency I was repped at. I work on it whenever I hear something stupid or frustrating about one of my projects -- which is why I've managed to write so much! I'm highly inspired every time I do anything here in Hollywoodland!

And, the best part, I'm the one who greenlights the next chapter!

Kelly J. Compeau said...

Oh, crap. Well, my money's on you, Will. You've got oodles of talent and experience, so think positive, OK?

Crashdummie said...

Frustrating innit? Well Will, I hope things works out - I'm crossing my fingers for you, even if this is on the expense of me actually getting some work done ;)

Jutratest said...

Similar thing happened to me.

One of my projects is currently being shopped to all broadcasters except for one. It seems they are already developing a similar project by a bigger name.

The kicker is, I think I may have given that guy the idea for his project by talking about mine :/

However, judging from the description it sounds only vaguely familiar. Same genre, not same idea.

wcdixon said...

thanks ladies...something will happen - it usually does.

jutra: it making you mental yet?

Jutratest said...

Just a little frustrated. :/

Mystery Man said...

The problem with you, Dix, is that you're TOO smart. At least, that's what I keep telling myself.


wcdixon said...

Lol...MM - ahhh if that were only true --- you're TOO kind.